8 Tips To Make Your Presentations Something That People Look Forward To

The bases of all corporate and social structures are presentations. We have all been part of some presentations that make you want to use your phone, hide a yawn, or check the time. Then there are others where you never saw time fly by. Creating an excellent presentation has never been more comfortable with the internet. Using a free photo slideshow maker, one can make engaging presentations in minutes.

Have you ever stopped to wonder what it is about some of these wonderful presentations that keep you so hooked? There is no one way of doing this, but there are some basic rules of thumbs to keep in mind. Most importantly, confident presentation skills come from experience. The more you take the chances and get into the spotlight, the better you get at it—nothing makes a perfect presentation like practice.

In the broader sense of things, everything around us is a presentation. Let’s take advertising, for example. Brands use advertising on Instagram to entice audiences about their products. To win over a stranger across a mobile screen means having great presentations. As a viewer, you are only attracted to something new if it’s packaged right. That is the basis of performances. 

We often pay too much attention to our slides and the content that goes on it. What many presenters really fail to understand is that a perfect presentation is found at the meeting point of suitable slides and flawless delivery. Both of these factors are not independent of each other. You must spend equal amounts of time working on both aspects.

Here are a few simple factors to keep in mind when you have a presentation coming up. These basic pointers will help drive you closer to your goal of making your presentation something that people will look forward to. 

1. Structure Is Everything

When we say structure, we mean the flow of the presentations. Before you add anything to the slides using a free photo slideshow maker or your computer, pen down these ideas on paper. Make sure you have all the points down that you wish to add to the presentations. Once all the pointers are flushed out, arrange them to ensure brevity and linearity. Ensure the sequence of these slides make sense, so your views do not move back and forth.   

2. 12-15 Words Rule

It is important to remember that slides are only a way to aid your presentations. They are not the presentation itself. This is the reason why you should ensure lesser text is used on your slides. Any slide with more than fifteen words would distract your audience and force them to read instead of listening. Keep the writing to the bare minimum that you need to convey information.

3. Consistency Matters

If your presentation has ten slides, then they must all look like they are part of the same project. That is the essence of consistency. Use the same font or the same font types throughout the presentations. Stick to easy to read fonts. Even with colors, each side cannot be a different color without any purpose. The more flashes of colors the viewer sees, the harder it is to follow.   

4. Narrate Don’t Read 

Nothing makes a presentation more boring than repeating or reading. A presentation is nothing but formal storytelling. Do not read off a script or off the slides. Plan your talking points on a piece of paper and stick to just that. Make sure the things you speak are not the same that they can read on the slides (unless needed). Narrate using examples and anecdotes to make the process fun. 

5. Keep Room For Interaction

The best way to keep a room engaged is to make them part of the presentations. Keep space for interactions with the audience.  Just like advertising on Instagram, the aim is to engage with the audience, not pour information on them. Ask questions or make them ask questions. Incorporate elements in your presentations that spark doubts and discussions. Make them feel part of the process and not a mere spectator.   

6. Use Humor

Some of the best presentations are the ones that make you smile. Humour is one of the most underrated factors of public speaking. By using humor, you can draw attention and break the tension in a room. If used tastefully, it can make your presentation one of the most memorable. Remember to be witty; make them smile, not laugh.

7. Time Your Slides

It’s often hard to keep a check of your time when the presentations kickstart. The ideal way to keep your inspection on this is by allocating a fixed time on each slide. When you break down the time spent on each slide (or point), you can calculate the estimated time of the presentations. 

8. Animate To Reveal

Animations in presentations are a tricky process. If you use a free photo slideshow maker, you can make templated designs to ensure the transitions and animations are smooth. If you are designing from scratch, make sure you use animation only when needed. For example, you can use animation to reveal statistics or results. This adds an element of surprise to the presentations and makes it more dramatic. 

Bonus Tip: 

If you have worked around presentations for a while now, someone must have pointed out the “10-20-30 Rule” by Guy Kawasaki. The rule dictates that a perfect presentation must have ten slides; each slide should last only 20 seconds long and not have text smaller than size 30 font size. This is a tried and tested rule that helps business professionals around the world. But the application is subjective to your end-goal. However, it is an exciting base-rule. 

Lastly, keep in mind presentations are as much about you as they are about the slides. Talk slow, and make each point clear. Practice alone and then in front of a focus group. Dress sharply for the occasion and focus on the presentations rather than the reaction. As cliche as it may sound, having fun while you are at it is one of the simplest ways to make your performance look natural. 

With all of these simple tips and tricks, you can create the most engaging and entertaining presentations that keep your audience hooked till the last second.
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