7 Myths About Coronavirus You Should Know It

Coronavirus Spread is increase day by day. Lots of news and information about Coronavirus are viral. but many Myths and Fake information viral so you should know this 7 Myths About Coronavirus.

Coronavirus Myth

Myths About Coronavirus

We share some General Coronavirus Myths It's Most Important to know for everyone. This Myth Clear in your mind is also important.

Myth 1: Getting the coronavirus is a death sentence.
Myth2: Wearing a mask will protect me from the virus.
Myth 3: Only Chinese people have the coronavirus.
Myth 4: The coronavirus is the most dangerous virus.
Myth 5: The coronavirus came from bat soup.
Myth 6: The virus only affects older people.
Myth 7: Antibiotics prevent and treat the virus.

To know in a better and easy way to watch this video and understand what is 7 Coronavirus Myths Which you should know.

So let's share these Coronavirus Myths with all and aware people about it. Request all to follow official news and information and don't share anything without confirmation on social media.

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