Coronavirus News: Important Information You Should Know

Today, the Corona virus was entered in all over the work. China's Wuhan is center of this COVID-19 virus. Iran, Italy, Spain, USA Declared emergency. Also indians many state Declared emergency.

Thousands of scientists was working on research of Coronavirus. Also indian scientist working to find tritment of corona Virus. India becomes the fifth country to succeed in isolating Covid-19 virus.

Cases of coronavirus in India

Today, India is the fifth country after China, Japan, United States and Thailand to succeed in isolating the coronavirus.

Today total more than 2 Lakhs up positive cases in all world And nearest 10,000 people died due to corona. In India, up to 130 positive cases and 5 were died. According to Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR) scientist Raman Gangakhedkar, india archive the isolating of the Coronavirus.

Corona virus vaccine

Scientists say: " very few people in India have coronary infection so isolation was very difficult  But now it's done. After it scientist working well to find some tritment and Coronavirus vaccine.

So this is latest news of Coronavirus in India. Share with all and Make people aware and be safe from corona virus. To get latest updates keep visiting our website daily. Please share only Real news.

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