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Merge Two Facebook Pages Into One

This Post is About Merging two or More Pages with Similar Name in facebook.

> The two pages must be of same category.
> The two Pages name must matches.
> it mins you have same neme & same category page

If your pages falls in these rules, then you can proceed. :)

Step 1. Go to Page Settings - General Settings.

Step 2. Scroll to the Last of General Settings, You'll Find an Option saying merge pages.

Step 3. Click on that Setting and Click on the Link Saying "Merge Pages".

Step 4. In the Next Page, Choose the Page you want to keep after merging and the pages you want to merge.

Step 5. If Facebook Displays "you Can't Merge These Pages", then Click on The Contact Us Option and Send the Form to Facebook. :)

Note:  this work you can do only pc or any desktop versions browser
When you no have pc using "Puffin web browser"


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