HTTP - HyperText Transfer Protocol What Is HTTP ?

What Is HTTP? HTTP this is the HyperText Transfer Protocol used extensively on the internet very powerful protocol Hypertext Transfer Protocol this is an application layer protocol used by the World Wide Web www now refer to it as an application layer protocol so in networking students might realize that this is on the application layer of the OSI model.

applications can be anything on the Microsoft applications such as Microsoft Word or PowerPoint has the ability to embed these hypertext links and we're going to talk more about that but this is an application layer protocol now.

HTTP - HyperText Transfer Protocol Explain What Is HTTP?


It's used by web browsers and web servers to communicate and we can communicate text back and forth using hypertext links this is an example of a hypertext link I've got the URL  HTTP now if I was to click on that I would go directly to this website you can see mouse pointer changes from pointer to a little hand showing that there is an embedded link or hypertext link.

How to create one now the hypertext is text that contains these logical links or what we call hyperlinks connecting text in a document either on the local computer to another document or in the same document or across the internet from computer to computer or node to node same thing now hyper HTTP is the protocol used between to transfer text from these hypertext links.

Now again watch mouse pointer changes from a pointer to a little hand now this here gone ahead and have embedded a hyperlink and you can see it's popped up there it's the HD HTTP www/e com I'm going to go ahead and click on that and you'll see that I immediately get transferred to the This website go ahead and close this so we can embed these and all you need to do is highlight any text in your document.

Also, we can edit any of these hyperlinks so I'm going to go ahead and right-click on this you can see immediately Apple we've got this menu selection comes up we have hyperlink now I've already had a link embedded here so this gives me the option to edit that link now if I go ahead and click on that I come up I can either place a new hyperlink anyplace in my document.

We go ahead and create a new URL and connect that particular link to any place on the Internet and here you can see that I've already created the link HTTP in summary HTTP is used as protocol between computers to transfer text and these are hypertext links and we can transfer between documents or we can go anyplace across the internet by embedding URL to that other hyperlink that's it for HTTP
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