Emoji Meanings Snapchat

Today We Know Emoji Meanings Snapchat. Many Users Need To Know The Meanings Of Snapchat Emojis.

Emoji Meanings Snapchat

😬 Grimacing Face — This is For Friend Your #1 best friend is their #1 best friend.

😏 Smirking Face — You are one of their best friends …but they are not a best friend of yours. For one side Friendship

😊 Smiling Face — Another best friend of yours.

😎 Face With Sunglasses — One of your best friends is one of their best friends. Its Also Cool

💯 Hundred — 100 Day Snapstreak. The 100 emoji appears next to the fire when you snap back and forth with someone for one hundred days in a row.

❤️ Red Heart — You have been #1 BFs with each other for two weeks straight.

💛 Yellow Heart — You are #1 best friends with each other.

💕 Pink Hearts — You have been #1 BFs with each other for two months straight.!

🌟 Gold Star — Someone has replayed this person's snaps in the past 24 hours.

👶 Baby — You just became friends with this person.

⌛ Hourglass — Your Snapstreak is about to end.

🎂 Birthday Cake — This is for Wishing Happy birthday to anyone on Snapchat
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