This Girl Earn 1,00,000/Month By Selling Urine Online

Today we share one unbelievable story but it's real story. Thare are lots of way to earn money but some people in the work are choose some different ways to make money. This story was relted to that.

Girl Earn 1,00,000/Month by Selling Urine

America Florida Girls Sell Her urine and earn Lakhs of money at home. When people know about it than everyone Shocked. So let's see what is a story and how girls make lakhs of money at home.

One college girl give online advertisement to sell her urine and she was charge 25$ per 2 drop of Urine. When her advertisement getting viral than lots of buyer's are come and buy urine from this girls this way she was earn 200$.

According to media report urine Buyer use it to blackmail man. Girl said she was run this business to collect her college Fee's. Girls earn daily 12,000 but after known reality the advertisement was stopped.

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