What does every woman want from a man?

Every woman and man's relationship deep like a sia.  Many mans think woman need only
physical happiness but this is the biggest mistake. Many more thing that's woman also needs.  So today we will share things that a woman need most but man didn't know about this.

What does every woman want from a man?

1. Slow start.
All womens like slow start in bedroom she also like tention free man. so in bedroom man must aware about that.

2. False illusion in mind
 Many men have a wrong illusion in mind Men not give priority to spend time with partner.  Women want time she like to spend time happily

3. Conversation
Man start work without saying anything it's such a Misteck because woman wants something conversation between each other and Thare after enjoy personal relationship. Here man make Misteck to avoid happily conversation with partner.

Man's are sleep immediately he was not paying attention in woman self. Woman wants loving talks and full Times from man. 90% mans are not knowing about it.

Man forced woman to show his power but Woman need loving touch only. 85% Man think woman need physical happiness more than love but actually she need love.

If man understand this all things than they live happier life with his partner. So we think this Information Helpful For You.

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