Government Announced Rs 25 Lakhs Helps During Coronavirus

In the current situation of the state, the Gujarat government take good decisions. If government service on-duty employees death due to corona than the government provides Rs.25 lakh helps to their family. CM Vijay Rupani Officially announces it.

We know in few days government take lots of helping decision for Public. Like Free Grain For 21 days also many good helping decisions for students, widows, old age and farmers.

Government Announced Rs 25 Lakhs Helps

The Chief Minister has announced to provide Rs.25 lakh assistance to the cleaning workers and health care workers. Also, Chief Minister Rupani declared the same for the on-duty officers of the Revenue Department.

You can check CM Vijay Rupani Announcement Details in Gujarati here.

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Supplying Department & Personal shop holders

In the current lockdown situation, food civilian supply department employees who carry out the supply and distribution of the life necessaries. Their family also gets 25 Lakh if death due to Coronavirus.

It's such a good decision for municipal workers, revenue department employees, food civilians supply department employees, and personal shop holders.
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