LockDown- Government Announcement Big Helps For Everyone

The government announces daily new Schemes and helps during Coronavirus LockDown. Today Primer Minister Narendra Modi Increase LockDown Till 3rd May 2020. So during this time lots of people are facing issue but the government already Announced many helpful schemes for poor, students, woman, old age and many others who actually need help.

LockDown Government Announcement

On 14 April 2020 PM Modi announces LockDown 2.0 Till 3 May 2020 Due To Coronavirus. Its such a good decision was taken by the prime minister. We must support him and always stay home during this period. Now the public has many mentions it's simple things but the government tries to help everyone and launch many new Schemes to help people.

Government Announces a total of 2257 crore package for various schemes during Coronavirus LockDown 2020. Let's See How many schemes government runs during COVID 19.

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Ganga Swarup Behno Yojana Candidate get 500 Rs more.
Old-Age, Physical Handicaps gets 1000 rs indirect bank account.
500 Rs help for students.
Free Garib Destruction
1000 Rs Help for the worker's family.

So This is the complete information of all schemes that's government-run during this Coronavirus LockDown. We hope you like this information and also it's Helpful For us. Keep sharing with others and if you have any questions then comment here. 
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